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Nina King


I'm Nina King, a landscape artist based in Somerset, UK. I paint nature-inspired landscapes using acrylic paints. I am very fortunate to sell my original art and prints online and would love to find a home for them. Interested in how I got here? On this page, I share my story.

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My creative journey

My journey as an artist began in my mid-40s when my creativity came back after addressing an alcohol addiction. The addiction became worse when I had a back injury which meant that I was out of work and feeling very sorry for myself. Frustrated and feeling uncreative, I confided in my husband. So, for my birthday, he bought me an easel. After months of it sitting there, I began to watch YouTube videos of painting for beginners. My creativity started to come back but the alcohol was curbing it. I realised that I had to choose, painting or the booze?

Quitting the booze and painting a masterpiece

So, in January 2018, I completely quit the booze and focused on my business of creating art. I knew (even right at the beginning) that I wanted to be a professional artist. I remember being frustrated not producing a masterpiece straight away! My fear of failure nearly overwhelmed me. But painting is the one thing that I have kept going with, each one a learning curve. It can be difficult at times but well worth the effort.

Mother Nature and the great outdoors

I love Mother Nature and being outside. I often have my phone with me to take photos of the beautiful scenery of the South West of England. I usually use these photos as reference material. I think that I do have an ‘eye’ for a scene, and as soon as I see the photo I know immediately if it will make a good painting or not. There will be something about the colours or the contour of the landscape that inspires me.

Words can’t describe the pleasure that I get when I feel as though I have done Mother Nature justice and caught a moment of her sheer beauty.

The process

Each painting that I start is mine at the beginning. I spend so much of my time and energy on each one. With every one of my paintings, I have done my best, and as soon as it is finished, I then get excited about who its new owner is going to be! I find it easy to let them go.

It is difficult to say how long a painting takes, some have taken me months and others only a few days. All I know is that time really flies when you are in the zone.

I enjoy working in acrylic which I find very versatile, using it thinner (like watercolour) or thicker (like oil) and being able to scratch, or sculpt with it. It's also handy due to its quick-drying nature, as I only have a small space for storage.

Photography, printing and quality

The quality of my paintings, prints, and cards is really top-notch. I use good-quality paints, paper, and canvases from reputable suppliers.

The canvases all have an undercoat of Gesso and all get varnished with at least 2 coats.

You can bring the beauty of nature into your home with my vibrant originals, but even the prints are outstanding. The prints are museum-quality and printed on archival paper using a special process (Giclée) that ensures they last for decades. My photographer and printer does such a good job that I can hardly tell the difference between the original and the print!

Customer service, honesty and integrity

My values include great customer service, value for money, quality products, caring and kindness.

If you contact me with an enquiry, I will always do my best to get straight back to you.

I am an honest person and care about community. I try and use local businesses if I can.

My wonderful customers

I have many wonderful customers who are my cheerleaders and who keep me going with their praise for my paintings and kind words of encouragement. This means the world to me and the reason for me to keep painting! So, if you like my art, please let me know, you are so important to me.

I like making my art colourful for people and to show you the beauty of the landscape as I see it. To feel touched by a scene, to make you feel emotional.

I hope you enjoy my paintings, prints and cards and know that by buying from a small business like myself you are really helping to keep the creative juices flowing, supporting originality and generally enhancing local communities.

Sharing with you

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