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Nina King Artist: My story

Hello! I thought you might like to know a bit about me and how I got to become an artist. As an adult I had forgotten about how passionate I was as a child painting and drawing. I used to draw all the time, when I ran out of paper, I used the back of cereal packets! It wasn’t until I was in my mid 40’s that I realised that I missed being creative.

I was going through a bad time as I was addicted to alcohol. This got out of control when I used booze as a painkiller for a very bad back problem. I felt like it was ‘groundhog day’ and I was stuck in a dark place.

I casually mentioned my feelings to my darling husband who then surprised me on my birthday with an easel and painting starter kit! It took me 6 months to get the courage to start painting. I had painted with watercolours in my teens but I thought I would give acrylics a go.

YouTube was my best friend! I followed along with people like Rod Moore, John Lisondra and Ianapolis to name but a few. How grateful I am to these artists who share their knowledge to beginners.

The feeling that I got from completing my first few paintings was amazing. I love the feeling of turning a blank canvas into something so colourful and vibrant.

My drinking was getting in the way of my painting (as well as everything else!) and I realised that I had reached a turning point. So, in January 2018 I completely quit the booze. Suddenly I had more time, more energy and more motivation.

You are always critical of your own work and I found it hard not to produce ‘masterpieces’ straight away! My frustration of not knowing everything about painting made me angry; colour mixing, tones, values, hues, the magic square! Everything felt a bit confusing. But to my surprise, I didn’t give up. Finding out that the more mistakes you make and the more paintings you do, you gradually learn about colour, perspective etc.

I had learnt to be patient! I felt fear (and still do sometimes) every time I had a blank canvas staring back at me. Would it be as good as my last one? Knowing that when I started a new painting it would consume me until it was finished. It can be difficult time-wise, working and looking after the home and family. Having to clear the dining table of your art stuff every time you have a meal! So, the spare room got turned into a studio, a workshop for my husband and a spare room for guests - with the help of a sofa bed!

Because I am self employed and have my own business, I knew that my paintings would have to pay for themselves. So, I made a goal of doing some paintings that were good enough to sell. I wanted to sell at least one a month – that was my main goal that I set out right from the beginning.

Yes, I had doubts (many doubts!); who would buy my paintings? I’m not a real artist, there are so many brilliant artists out there, what is so special about me? But everyone has got to start somewhere and you have to have some faith in yourself.

Needless to say, it worked! I feel that if you have done your best and you are happy with your work then other people will like it too.

I am so lucky that at the time I was ready to start selling, a gallery opened up in my local town. Nico at the ‘Talent Gallery’ Wellington, Somerset, celebrates us local artists. It is so lovely to have a gallery in Wellington, he not only displays my work but does a brilliant framing job too.

It is great selling my paintings from the gallery and I thought that now is the right time to branch out with a website.

At the moment, I would call myself a landscape artist. I did look at other artists styles and thought I would love to paint abstract or something a bit different. But everything I do always ends up as a realistic painting of nature! I love nature and being outside, I am a keen gardener and animal lover. When I look inside myself, I feel that I am full of landscapes and seascapes that are waiting to emerge.

I hope you like my paintings and would like to put them on your walls. You can’t imagine how wonderful it feels when you’ve spent so much time and energy on a piece and know that it is now residing with someone else. To know that they appreciate it as much as I do.

Each painting is a part of the artist and a part of the artist leaves with the artwork when it leaves the easel. Here is my energy, my time and my love on a canvas or print just for you. I hope you enjoy it!

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