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YouTube Artists to follow as a beginner

In October 2017, after my husband bought me an easel for my birthday, I decided to start painting. At school, I took an art 0 level and I always used watercolours, but after nearly 30 years of not really doing any art, I wanted to try something different. So I checked YouTube out!

The first artist I followed was Rod Moore, he did free beginner sessions and I painted along with him. He keeps to a simple pallet and I was completed hooked when I had turned a blank canvas into a piece of art.

I also watched lots of JM Lisondra, he covers all sorts of subjects. I love the way he talks and shows you lots of tips and keeps you positive.

Although this next artist works in oils, I was completely amazed by the late Bob Ross. I watched him for hours. He taught me to have confidence in myself. I was making lots of mistakes but Bob says ‘it's not a mistake but a happy accident’ - so now I never make a mistake, I just have lots of accidents!

I then started to follow Chuck Black, he uses both oil and acrylic and his paintings are epic. You can really tell that he loves nature and he capture’s his subject with beauty and passion.

One more artist that I really love is Andrew Tischler, he is amazing. He is so generous with his tutorials and his podcasts of the creative endeavour series. He walks you through each stage of the process and dedicates so much time to teach you.

If I ever got to meet any of the above artists’ I would thank them from the bottom of my heart. After every video I said a silent thank you as they have helped me on my artists’ journey. There are many more who I have watched but these were my favourites when I first started out.

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